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ECLIPSE is an AmeriCorps program that focuses on early childhood literacy in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. Educational focus areas include language, emergent reading and writing, and social interaction skills. ECLIPSE differentiates from other literacy programs by using a one-on-one model tailored to individual needs which prepare each child for lifelong learning, while also embracing the different paces at which children learn to foster continual growth in education.  ECLIPSE partners with non-profit early childhood agencies such as Western Dairyland Head Start programs and EC4T.

For the 2020-2021 school year, ECLIPSE will be moving its services virtually. ECLIPSE will be serving in teams of 4-6 students from UW – Eau Claire. Members will serve by supporting preschool children and their program partner sites located in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. ECLIPSE will prepare and distribute 700 literacy kits in the fall and in the spring to 3-5-year-old children and families to provide additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The literacy kits and supplemental resources will support the development of early childhood children in the areas of language, literacy, social, and/or numeracy skills. Engagement in literacy-rich and developmentally appropriate activities will increase opportunities for children to be supported in their growth and development more consistently during COVID-19 closures and intermittent shutdowns. Members will meet as teams weekly to evaluate progress and plan activities and content to meet the needs of children and families.

COVID-19 Virtual ECLIPSE Response and Recovery

In efforts to continue to support the developmental growth of the young children in the Chippewa Valley, ECLIPSE has transitioned our services to the virtual world. Stay tuned right here on our ECLIPSE website. We will be adding developmentally appropriate content regularly to help support early learning and development. ECLIPSE is excited to share engaging shared stories accompanied by interactive activities as well as virtual field trips to local businesses and agencies here in the Chippewa Valley! ECLIPSE members will periodically post fun virtual "bonus" videos on topics like cooking, arts, science, music, and more!


ECLIPSE member made read alouds to inspire a love of reading in children. Each read aloud has fun corresponding activities!


Additional literacy kit resources for you to support your child's learning and development.


Virtual field trips can keep your children connected to the outside world. Kids can still enjoy a love of learning through these

online adventures!


Empower our children to be explorers!

Every child is inquisitive and observant of the world around them. Check out these ECLIPSE member made videos and discover the wonders of everyday life. Let's explore together!


Early Childhood

Math Resources

Math skills can increase future academic success. Math fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for school success and lifelong learning.

Early Childhood Literacy Resources

Research shows that speaking, reading, and singing with your child regularly helps build their brain functioning as well as important language, math, reading, and social-emotional skills to help prepare them for school and beyond.

Early Childhood

Social and Emotional

Development Resources

Sharing, friendship building, attentiveness, expressing emotions, and problem-solving successfully are critical to lifelong learning and happiness. These skills are a part of social and emotional development, which begins with children’s earliest relationships and experiences. These greatly impact children's behavioral outcomes as well as their families,

and communities.


Get in Touch

Please contact us about how you can help support our efforts by joining as a non-profit partner site, to learn more about the Early Literacy Coalition of the Greater Chippewa Valley, or with questions regarding our program and our literacy kit resources.

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