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Member Commitment

ECLIPSE members are AmeriCorps members who serve for the academic school year. This is excellent experience for anyone who plans to work with or interact with children in the future.

There is a 300 hour commitment requirement. This is broken down into about 12 hours a week. The beginning of the year starts with about 5 – 6 hours a week in training, then building to 12 hours a week when service starts in classrooms around mid-October.


The hours are broken down as follows...

Classroom Service = 9 – 11 hours (According to schedule)

Weekly team meetings = 1 – 2 hours (Time set by team – May change at semester

Additional Commitments

20-30 hours of service gathered throughout the year and three required events; Tidy Up the Town, Book Scootin’ Boogie, and Global Youth Service Day.

There are six Saturdays during the year that are required (3 training, 3 service).

All members must enroll in UEC 221 (one credit) course each semester to earn their service-learning hours.

Fall semester = Orientation and training & one or two other meetings

Spring semester = Regular weekly UEC 221 course meeting

Compensation and Benefits

This is a federal work-study job and need about $2,000 for the year.

You can volunteer for the experience only if you choose. It is great experience!


Upon successful completion of the program and 300 hours, there is a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,311.11 to be used for your education.


Complete your service-learning hours for graduation.


Gain experience in collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, instructional design and implementation, assessment, and data analysis. Feel the impact that volunteerism, civic engagement, and community service can have on one’s self and community.

COVID-19 Service Changes

Due to current COVID-19 circumstances, Corps members complete minimum 50% of 300-hour commitment, 150 hours**, of service during the school year. This commitment will focus on providing high-quality early childhood development activities and resources for local children and their families.

**Total minimum member hours to be served may be subject to change over

the course of the 2020-2021 program service year to the 300-hour requirement,

if so, determined by the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS).

During the school year, Corps members participate in the following activities:

o Serve minimal to part-time, 6-8 hours per week, during the school year, including:

§ 1-2 hours each week in team planning meetings, which include planning, reflection, and/or training

§ 6- 8 hours each week with a mixture of the following services and activities:

· Continuous training

· Preparation, planning, implementing, and recording child read aloud accompanied with an interactive skill based step-by-step activity to share with children and families

· Providing alternative services

o Health care system needs

o Local food and nutrition needs

o Childcare and educational needs

o Elderly population needs

Contact us for questions relating to COVID-19 Alternative Service:

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