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ECLIPSE is an AmeriCorps program that focus’ on early childhood literacy in Eau Claire & Altoona. Educational focus areas include language, emergent reading & writing, socialization, and interaction. ECLIPSE differentiates from other literacy programs because we work from a one-on-one model tailored to individual needs, preparing each child for lifelong learning, while also embracing the different paces at which children learn to foster continual growth in education. Six sites in and around Eau Claire are served by ECLIPSE.

ECLIPSE works in teams of 6 – 10 students from UW – Eau Claire who are AmeriCorps members. Members serve/work in preschool classrooms at one of six partner sites in the Eau Claire area. Members are paired with one or two children in the classroom who need additional support or help in the areas of language, literacy, social, and/or numeracy skills. Participation in regular classroom activities and provided activities in focus areas that children need support in will increase opportunities for children to be supported in their growth and development by caring adults. Members meet as teams weekly to evaluate progress, plan activities, while building as team members, AmeriCorps members and individuals.

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